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Goat Milk Powder for Dogs 狗狗用羊奶粉


Goat Milk Powder for Dogs 狗狗用羊奶粉



New Stock Alert! Introducing Full Nutrition Milk Powder for Dogs! Similar to Ensure milk powder for humans, this product is specially formulated for dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors! Made from goat's milk, it's gentle on dog tummies.


Dogs require extra nutrition during various life stages, such as the weaning period, pregnancy, old age, and recovery after illness. This milk powder provides a refined, easily digestible food source to supplement their diet.


During lactation, dogs' teeth and intestines are not fully developed, requiring a nutrient-rich diet. Pregnant dogs need more energy, while elderly dogs may experience decreased appetite and weakened gastrointestinal absorption. Dogs recovering from illness may also have a reduced appetite and fragile intestines.


Our product uses an enzymatic hydrolysis process of fresh meat, breaking down chicken protein into smaller, more absorbable molecules. This reduces the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the dog's appetite. Stay tuned for more information on this nutritious milk powder for your furry friends!

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